The Prison Band are a particularly dangerous bunch of rockabilly rebels; even their name was stolen from Elvis' Jailhouse Rock. The members all came from dreaded organizations of the past: CACTUS made a name for himself in Cadillac, TRUCKER honed his guitar-picking skills in B'15, while LUFI and SZAPPAN both earned their (bad) reputation in V8. These guys are not afraid to commit their hideous crimes in public; they work loud and fast. They certainly like to make a stir, and can usually be seen in the orange prison jumpsuit worn by those locked up for murder. Borders can't stop them, either: they've been seen tearing up the floor at rockabilly festivals in Germany and France, in Italian rock and roll clubs and even at Europe's biggest Harley Davidson festival in Austria. In Hungary you can easily spot them at American car and bike events as well as at any club where live music is played, be it in Budapest or the countryside, so watch out because you can never be safe. In early 2008 they did some serious damage to the music industry when the unsuspecting German record label Vampirette released their debut CD. They dealt the devastating blow in the same year with an appearance on the international compilation "Worldwide Rockabilly - Let's Kill Someone", which is also available on vinyl. For reasons unknown, their label - Vampirette - also included one of their songs on the "Wild Rockin' & Boppin' #2" compilation CD, and in 2015 even put out the next Prison Band album, "Heavy Tool Guys". You probably don't want to know how these felons made that happen.
To get the full picture, it should also be mentioned that somehow one of their recordings also made it to the "Brandenburg Bounce #3" platter. They will stop at nothing: reportedly, they are capable of 'stealing' songs from the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith and even Michael Jackson to mold them into frenetic slap bass driven rockabilly. Should you run into these guys somewhere, don't panic, and definitely don't show your fear. Try to behave as naturally as you can. It's your only chance to avoid getting into more trouble. :)